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  • for 5G, All◆-Cloud network●, video an〓d Internet of Thi○ngs (IoT). Huaw●ei alone will la●unch more ■than 20 cu■tting-edge◆ products du●ring the fo〓ur-day event, inclu■ding an Inte●nt-driven ●Network and the AUTI■N digital O&

  • ;〓M platform, showcas◆ing the results◆ with its over○ 300 partner●s in a bid to emba■rk on the ●roads to a fully-c●onnected in●telligent worl◆d."5G standards and● technologi

  • es a●re maturing. As mar■ket demand co◆ntinues to grow〓, Huawei pl■ans to launch a 〓full range ◆of end-to-end 5G ◆products, in■cluding cu〓stomer premi●se equipment, t●o help carr

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i〓ers get a head star■t on 5G," ◆said Ken Hu, ●Huawei Rotating C〓EO."The ulti◆mate goal

is to● build a f●ully connected●, intelligent worl◆d," Hu said.At Hu○awei's 6,300-square-■km

futuristic main■ booth under a blu◆e lighted ceiling〓, throngs ●of visitors ◆are keen to exp

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erie●nce various innov○ative produc◆ts and soluti○ons, includi〓ng its slim and s○leek 5G bas◆e station and◆ a smart city ●model with water ■supp

ly, shari◆ng bicycle, manh●ole cover and street● parking all ful〓ly intelli○gently

con●nected."Life could 〓be so much diffe■rent with these 〓technologies," said■ British visitor■ Kerry

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Robinson. "Li●ke this smar◆t manhole cover ◆really answers t〓h

e questio■ns that I have been■ asking for m●any years." The unho〓ped removal〓 of manhole co〓ver, l

ike being st●olen or washed a◆way in a floo●d, poses a deadly t〓hreat for residents.○ But as part of Io●T, the changing○ stat

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